Welcome to Leafstone Architecture, where innovation and sustainability merge with your vision. From homes to commercial spaces, we craft unique, functional designs for every budget. Join us in creating memorable spaces. Your dream project begins here!


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With vision and precision. transforming ideas into architectural masterpieces. Welcome to a world where design meets innovation.

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About Us

At Leafstone, we bring a wealth of expertise to a wide array of projects, including Residential and Commercial ventures such as Single-Family Homes, Multifamily Homes, Commercial Developments, Retail Stores, Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Boutiques, Spas, and all Tenant Improvements. What sets us apart is our steadfast commitment to infusing every project with deep emotional resonance, creating spaces that truly mirror your vision and reflect your unique lifestyle.

From the cozy intimacy of a family residence to the sleek functionality of a commercial store, or the bespoke innovation of a custom project, our primary goal is to thoroughly comprehend your vision and make it a reality. Leveraging our extensive experience, we handle each project with the utmost precision and an eye for detail, ensuring that every facet perfectly corresponds with your expectations.

At Leafstone, we go beyond designing beautiful buildings—we craft enduring experiences that continue to impact and inspire long after the keys are handed over.


01.   Residential Design

New Homes / Additions
Single-Family Homes 
Multifamily Buildings 
High-End Residential  
Interior Remodels 
ADUs - Guest House 


02.   Comercial Design

Retail Stores
Coffee shops
Tenant Improvements
Accessibility Upgrades

03.   One Stop Shop Services

Interior Design 
Landscape Design 
MEP Engineering 
Structural Design
Permit Expeditor 
Energy Reports

04 .   Design Consultancy

Master Planning
Space Planning
Environmental Design
Adaptive Reuse
Schematic Design 
Feasibility Analysis








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Explore the Potential of your Space

At Leafstone, we believe every space is full of potential waiting to be unlocked. With our innovative methods and skilled craftsmanship, we help you unleash the full power of your environment. Whether it's turning homes into inviting retreats or revitalizing commercial spaces into bustling centers of activity, Leafstone is your trusted partner in uncovering the hidden treasures of your property


Leafstone Architectural Studio, nestled in sunny Florida, crafts visionary projects that harmonize innovation with timeless design. Our portfolio boasts a diverse range of architectural marvels, from sleek urban residences to eco-conscious community spaces. With a dedication to excellence and a passion for creativity, Leafstone transforms dreams into stunning realities. Explore our portfolio and discover the artistry behind each project, where form meets function and imagination knows no bounds.

Feasibility Analysis

Leafstone's feasibility analysis rigorously examines project viability, including costs, risks, and potential success, ensuring effective resource allocation for client satisfaction and project excellence.


Leafstone's residential services offer unparalleled craftsmanship, innovative design solutions, and personalized attention, crafting homes that harmonize functionality, aesthetics, and client dreams with meticulous detail


Our commercial services epitomize visionary design, functional efficiency, and seamless brand integration, crafting spaces that inspire productivity, foster innovation, and elevate business success with unparalleled expertise.

Interior Design

Our interior design services transcend mere aesthetics, blending style and functionality to craft spaces that reflect personal expression, evoke emotions, and surpass expectations with timeless elegance.

Net-Zero / Carbon Neutral Design

At Leafstone, we're dedicated to net-zero and carbon-neutral design, pioneering sustainable solutions to minimize environmental footprint and enhance energy efficiency and occupant comfort in our spaces.

Sea Rise Level Upgrades

We specialize in sea level rise upgrade solutions in Florida, delivering innovative services to fortify coastal properties, addressing the challenges of rising sea levels with resilience and sustainable practices.

We couldn't be more delighted with our decision to partner with Leafstone. Their team guided us seamlessly through the intricate process of bringing our dream home to life. 

Martin Johnson


Working with Leafstone was fantastic! The professionalism, organization, and top-notch customer service are commendable.  Our office has surpassed all expectations, and we're excited to finally enjoy it.

Emily Anderson


As an architect, I have high expectations. I'm pleased to say that Leafstone never made me feel dismissed. They took my concerns seriously and responded to any requests for study, alternatives, or revisions. 

Mark Lindsey


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